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Posted in Poetry, Ramblings with tags , , on 2011/04/27 by R L Burns

A muted smile
Mud covered shoes
Old Howlin’ Wolf is
Crying the blues

I join right in
‘Cuz I can’t find
The joy in my heart
The calm in my mind

The crunch of the tires
On the deeply packed snow
The warmth of the heater –
I can’t feel it blow

The trees in their lovely
Diaphanous gowns
Bend their knees as we pass
Through each little town

We turn on the highway,
The one that leads home
My heart starts racing
As if it has known,

All along,

This is the last ride.

it’s snowing again

Posted in Poetry, Ramblings with tags , , on 2010/05/30 by R L Burns

curled up in her bed
rose petals surround her
white ones, of course
to remind her of york

slowly she stirs
and opens her eyes
looking out the window
she feels quite surprised –

it is snowing again


as she watches
she shivers
she trembles
she quakes
her heart beating wildly
as she watches the flakes
fall from the grey sky

the longer she watches
the colder she feels
the petals around her
begin to float about
mixing with snow
somehow in is now out

the petals and flakes
soflty kiss her pale cheeks
silently blanketing her face and her hair
soon, oh so soon
no one will know
she’s under there

but she’s been absent
so long now
will they even know
she truly has left them –

taken –
by a silent fall of snow

Snow Day Tomorrow!

Posted in Ramblings with tags , on 2010/01/31 by R L Burns
Snow Day
No school
No books
No student’s
Dirty looks –
Weather Gods!!