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killing people in a movie theatre…what???  the place where you go to escape and then there is no escape?  what is going on in this world?

if it is true that one of the primary motives for the majority of these mass murderers is fame, then don’t keep saying this guy’s name.  quit showing his picture.  don’t give him what he wants.  i get it that everyone wants to know who did it and why…but quit giving these murderers what they want by talking about them 24/7.    and don’t give them “cool sounding” nicknames.  don’t do it.  talk about the jackass who did something horrendous, or the dick…don’t turn these people into paris hilton or the kardashians — people who are famous for bad behavior and nothing else.  don’t make this man – and others like him – some sort of brilliant, media-motivated anti-hero.  remember alfred’s words to batman?  there are just some men who want to watch the world burn.  that’s true, but quit talking about that ass.

talk instead about veronica – only six years old, gordon, jesse, alex teves, aj, jonathan, jon, matt, mikeyla, jessica, rebecca, and alex sullivan, who died on his twenty-seventh birthday, and the day before his wedding anniversary.

DO NOT say that killer’s name.

DO say the other names.  let’s see if, for once, a year from now, we can all recall the names of the victims instead of only remembering the name of the jerk who killed them.

Definitely, Maybe

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I just saw the movie, “Definitely, Maybe” on tv.  It was really, really sweet.  I admit to feeling a bit let down when he married the girl he did, but was so proud of a story that had his young daughter convince him to go see the love of his life once he and her mother were divorced.  She encouraged her father because she wanted him to be happy.  I was so pleased to see a movie where selfishness is not the main motivator of all the characters.  It’s worth a watch if you like a little romantic dramedy.

From: The Magnificent Ambersons

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From: The Magnificent Ambersons

Isabel and Eugene love each other.  They argue.  Isabel marries someone else and has a son named Georgie – who is spoiled, selfish and pretty self-centered.  Years later, Eugene comes back to town with his daughter.  He’s a widower with a daughter.  Georgie falls in love with Eugene’s daughter, Lucy, but she doesn’t think it will ever come to be, so she discourages him (even though she loves him).  After Georgie’s father dies, Eugene and Isabel want to get married.  Once Georgie finds out, his disapproval breaks them up.

Letter from Eugene to Isabel:

 Dearest One,

 Yesterday I thought the time had come when I could ask you to marry me and you were dear enough to tell me that sometime it might come to that. 

But now we are faced not with slander, not with our own fear of it – because we haven’t any – but with someone else’s fear of it. Your son’s. 

And oh, dearest woman in the world, I know what your son is to you and it frightens me. Let me explain a little   I don’t think he’ll change. At 21 or 22 so many things appear solid and permanent and terrible which forty sees are nothing but  disappearing miasma. Forty can’t tell twenty about this.  Twenty can only find out by getting to be forty. 

And so we come to this, dear:  will you live your life your way or George’s way? 

Dear, it breaks my heart for you, but what you have to oppose now is the history of your own selfless and perfect motherhood. 

Are you strong enough, Isabel?  Can you make the fight? 

I promise you that if you will take the heart for it, you will find so quickly that it has all amounted to nothing.  You shall have happiness and only happiness. 

I’m saying too much for wisdom, I fear.  But oh, my dear, won’t you be strong?  Such a little short strength it would need.

Don’t strike my life down twice, dear.  This time I’ve not deserved it.

Isabel gives the letter to George to read, and then…

Isabel:   Did you read it dear?

George: Yes, I did.

I:   All of it?

G: Yes.

I:   Well, what do you think, Georgie?

G:  What do you mean?

I:  You can see how fair he means to be.

G: Fair?? When he says that you and he don’t care what people say??

I:  What people say?  That Eugene loves me?

G:  He’s ALWAYS loved you!

I:  That’s true, Georgie

G: But you’re …my mother.  You’re an Amberson.  You just…

I:  Yes, dear?

G: I don’t know, Mother.  (Sounding angry)

I:  Never mind, I’ll write Eugene.  (Resignedly)  He’ll understand. He’ll wait.  It’ll be better this way. We’ll go away together for a little while – you and I….

For a few years, George and Isabel live in Europe.  She wants to come home but George doesn’t, so she stays.  She becomes ill.  When they do finally come home, Eugene goes to see her, but no one will let him.  He starts to bypass them all but the doctor even asks him to come back later.  She is obviously dying.

On her death bed she asks George if Eugene has asked about her.  At least George tells her yes that he had been there.  She says she would have liked to have seen him.  Just once. 

 But she dies that night without ever seeing him again.

Years later, George is broke and is hit by a car, breaking both his legs.  Lucy, who has always loved him, goes to him – and so does Eugene.  George asks for Eugene’s forgiveness and you are left knowing that Lucy and George – at least – will be together and happy, and that Isabel, even from the grave, has managed to protect her son once again. 

What a sad movie in so many ways…

Georgie, Isabel and Eugene

Obi-Wan and The Men Who Stare at Goats

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I am a bit behind in my movie viewing, I must admit, but today I saw a really, really excellent movieThe Men Who Stare at Goats.  Oh, my gosh!  I loved it, loved it, loved it!!  At first I wasn’t really sure where it was going, but by the time the end credits rolled, I was a New Earth Army Convert!!                              

Being a child of the seventies who loved the Star Wars movies, the Jedi references and the mind control were enough to keep me entertained throughout – especially with Ewan McGregor (in the role of Bob) , who, of course, portrayed my all-time favorite movie character for three films:  Obi-Wan Kenobi.  All my life I wanted to be Obi-Wan…But it was more than that.  I hadn’t known what to expect from this movie, but what I got was a life lesson to which I could totally relate…the universe giving you signs.  Mind control over the weak.  Man’s cruelty to man, his desire for power, his vanity…His superstitious self – admitted or not.  Density – oops, I mean destiny.  Fate.  Native American beliefs.  Symbolism.  Kindness.  Love.  It was all there…a unique blending of all that is good within us — something we seem to have lost.

Mr. McGregor was great in his befuddled-til-the-end portrayal of Bob, the reporter who is looking for himself.  Jeff Bridges – the favorite actor of at least one person I know!! – was interesting as Bill.  George Clooney, of whom I am not normally a HUGE fan, was…I loved his tormented character, Lyn. 

I will not give away the ending in case you have not seen it, but I have to admit that I was surprised when I realized that I was crying and clapping at the last scene…especially after the following speech  by Bob – a speech with which I totally agree and wish I had come up with myself:

 …and if I ever needed proof of how the Dark Side had taken the beautiful dream of what a nation could be, and had twisted it, destroyed it, well, that was it; but I won’t stop. 

 I won’t give up. 

 Because when I look at what is happening in the world, I know that now, more than ever…we need to be all that we can be. 

 Now, more than ever…we need the Jedi. 


I agree, Bob.  Long live Obi-Wan!!  If you haven’t seen it, do so.  Now!  If you have, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I!!

Somehow it seems the fun never ends…

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1.  Actual Fun:  I got a new (well, new to me) vehicle this week.  It’s a 2000 Jeep.  It’s dark green (just bout British Racing Green, which used to be one of my favorite colors).  Bonus:  It was free!  My dad and step-mom gave it to me!  How cool is that?  And it was extremely providential as my Lincoln was not running well at all.  So, now I have a Jeep again, and that’s pretty cool and fun.

2.  Not Actual Fun:  The aforementioned Lincoln needs $2500 work before it will pass inspection, even.  There is so much wrong with the front end that it is not safe to drive.  It makes having the Jeep an even better, even more providential than it seemed.  A good thing, though, is that I think my mom and step-dad are going to fix it and we will give it to my sister!  It’s a great car!  I like the idea of my sister having a comfortable, well-running, family car, so that makes this, I guess, a little bit fun.

3.  Absoulutely Not Fun:  For two days now my neck has been killing me – on the left.  My neck muscles have frozen up.  The doctor prescribed Valium, which usually works really well for muscle spasms, but even taking 10 mgs. is barely touching it.  I had to go to the store and buy a cervical collar this morning.  Later tonight, I was feeling sorry for myself, so I drove – slowly and carefully, up to the mall area and got some chinese food and a couple of movies.  Halloween II (the new Rob Zombie version) and Public Enemies.  I wanted to see it when it was in theatres but never got to.  So I suppose I  will watch one of them now…

I suppose that is all for now.

Black Snake

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by the way,

black snake moan is one fucked-up movie…

funny, tho’,

with characters named


and Rose –

that made me laugh –

did it make you laugh?


or was that the problem all those years –

you really always thought i was rae,

didn’t you?


how sad is that?


you know what?

i understand you more and more

each day.



Is It Possible?

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Is it even possible that it’s true?  Is my life really just a badly written Lifetime movie??  That sucks.   It’s not an interesting independent film or an exciting foreign one…just a worse than average Lifetime movie.  How depressing.