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The Little Girl’s Screams

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , , , on 2012/03/20 by R L Burns

she stumbles through her day,

somehow obeying

the common courtesies on which

she so heavily relies –

she thanks God that the replies

are automatic…


she watches their mouths move,

knows they are telling

their problems and secrets to her,

wanting her help, her care , her advice –

she struggles to hear them

and in vain decipher

what need they have of her –

she flinches when touched

and jumps when she’s called,

they’ve not yet realized

that she is hopelessly walled

up in her mind

curled up in a ball

screaming and screaming

and screaming again –

just endlessly screaming

o’er the loss of her friend, her

lover,  her soul mate, a lifetime

of dreams….

til nothing is left

but the little girl’s screams.


Sleepless Again

Posted in Poetry, Ramblings with tags , on 2011/07/18 by R L Burns


loneliness wraps

in and around itself

covering her completely –

surrounding her in silence

like a babe in the womb…

her only company

the muffled echo

of a heartbeat

and the splash

of tears on the

floor of her prison



Table for Two

Posted in Ramblings with tags , on 2011/06/29 by R L Burns


music floats through the air

from the open window

swirling around in the breeze

climbing lazily toward the stars

on the coattails of cigarette smoke

drifting slowly from the ashtray

on the table


the tune continues to weave

through the leaves of the trees

yet somehow leaves the listener unmoved

leaning back, staring up,

she can almost see the music rise –

she feels its pull but resists

preferring instead to sit there, alone,

at the table


alone at a table for two




Posted in Poetry, Ramblings with tags , , on 2010/08/19 by R L Burns

   Too loud here –
   Too crowded
     and just too damn plain

   Too cloudless –
   Too starless
     and hopelessly lame

   Too empty –
   Too lonely
     and oddly insane

   Too something
   Too nothing
     and too filled with rain…

Without you.