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Shhh!  Quiet…


The silence is silver                                            

Like the moon’s shadow – as

Hand in hand

Heart to heart

Soul to soul

They move

Through the emptiness –

Alone, yet unafraid.


Pausing to touch

Languid lip to luscious breast –

The quiet is shattered by a sigh –

A sigh that drifts away

Echoing throughout the

Eternal darkness of the night sky,

Flying to the moon on the

Broken silver shards of silence –


The only evidence that they

Ever belonged to one another.


A KISS Medley

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what a band! 

what great songs!!

oddly enough they tell our story…


not back in the new york groove

no room service for me

you said i stole your love

said c’mon and love me

but what you really wanted to know was

do you love me?

never believed it, did you?


yet you were always the

king of my nighttime world

and like thor, the god of thunder –

i knew i would love you forever.


you  thought i was a strutter

a black diamond, and you tried to

drink me away with your cold gin


but the thought that

i was made for loving you

wouldn’t go away


finally you hit rock bottom

and you reached out to talk to me

i said i still love you and

will be there tomorrow

but til then i would see you in your dreams


then i did all i could to trigger your love gun

to prove that i’d do anything for my baby

you answered swearing to my son

i’ll love her all i can


but then you decided

you couldn’t getaway


now the tears are falling, heaven’s on fire

 and i’m left in the ladies room,

nothing but a hard luck woman,

dreaming of making love with you

even though you’re a two timer



damn i hate that band and their songs!

except then she kissed me.


no, i take that back. 

i especially hate that one.