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killing people in a movie theatre…what???  the place where you go to escape and then there is no escape?  what is going on in this world?

if it is true that one of the primary motives for the majority of these mass murderers is fame, then don’t keep saying this guy’s name.  quit showing his picture.  don’t give him what he wants.  i get it that everyone wants to know who did it and why…but quit giving these murderers what they want by talking about them 24/7.    and don’t give them “cool sounding” nicknames.  don’t do it.  talk about the jackass who did something horrendous, or the dick…don’t turn these people into paris hilton or the kardashians — people who are famous for bad behavior and nothing else.  don’t make this man – and others like him – some sort of brilliant, media-motivated anti-hero.  remember alfred’s words to batman?  there are just some men who want to watch the world burn.  that’s true, but quit talking about that ass.

talk instead about veronica – only six years old, gordon, jesse, alex teves, aj, jonathan, jon, matt, mikeyla, jessica, rebecca, and alex sullivan, who died on his twenty-seventh birthday, and the day before his wedding anniversary.

DO NOT say that killer’s name.

DO say the other names.  let’s see if, for once, a year from now, we can all recall the names of the victims instead of only remembering the name of the jerk who killed them.