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My Partner, the Medal Winner!

Posted in Sharing with tags , , , on 2010/06/17 by R L Burns

I was very happy this afternoon.  My collaborative partner, M, was nominated (by me) for a medal at our school.  This medallion comes on a beautiful blue and white ribbon and is the highest honor our school bestows.  Today at our end of the year Teacher’s Luncheon, the three winners were announced.  The method of announcement is to read the nomination on which the committee voted.  As soon as the first few words were read, I knew M was one of the winners.  I was so very proud.  I just stared at her.  She looked up at me and mouthed the word “You?” (polite of her but, nah).

 I shook my head no and inclined my head towards her.  Her eyes widened and she began to listen even more…Tears were fillng my eyes and then I saw that hers were filling up, too.  Yay!  She won!!  I decided to post what I wrote about her. She truly is wonderful and everyone should know just HOW wonderful a teacher she truly is….So, direct from the awards ceremony floor, I give you my nomination of my partner for the Jets Medallion.

I had many different teachers when I was young.  Many.  But when I look back on my school days there are only a few, a very few, that I remember with love and admiration.  They were the ones who listened to me, who treated me with respect.  The teachers who understood, on some level, that I was a confused child who needed their guidance, their good example.  The ones who made lessons exciting by taking us on an adventure – and that was back in the days before computers!  The teachers who could make words sing;  ideas flow;  sentence diagramming easy.  The teachers who introduced us to Jack London, King Arthur, Zeus, Beowulf, Frodo and Bilbo Baggins, Ebenezer Scrooge and Percy Jackson.  The teachers who make you feel so comfortable that you never want to leave them.  I was lucky enough to have a few of those teachers along the way. 

And now, I am even luckier because I get to work with a teacher like that.  She is brilliant in her content knowledge, she knows the answer to every question.  Her technology-infused lessons grab student interest and hold it.  Her voice calms them, her smile warms them.  She goes the extra mile for her students.  She holds a monthly Lunch Club of about ten girls, to help promote their social skills.  Through the Lunch Club and journaling with a few of her students, she has brought out the personalities of several girls others thought to be unreachable. 

She plans.  She is flexible.  In her three years here she has become such a large part of the school  family that I do not know how we would manage without her.    She took on curriculum leader for her grade level subject.  She joined the initial Strategic Literacy Team cohort and has continued on with that division wide program, ultimately being chosen as the Chairman for the school-wide implementation team.  She takes on any task requested of her without complaint  – and often offers to help before  she is asked.  She constantly seeks to advance her professional knowledge in any way possible.  She has even signed up for the new Special Education endorsement program offered by our district.  

I cannot imagine a person more deserving of the Jets Medallion than M. G.  I truly believe that she is an exceptional example of a teacher and human being. 

And I meant every word.