for so long.

then she heard it again…

not in a way anyone else would understand,

but she heard it

just the same.

a whisper – a sigh –

her name.

so quiet, a cry –

she thought she imagined it.

until she looked

at the clock.

it was midnight,

the appointed hour,

the witching hour,

the twitching hour.

refuse to listen

she thought,

and took a pill

to put her to sleep,

to protect herself

from the whispers.

the dream that followed

was unsettling.

sunshine, springs,

mountains, wings

of birds – doves,

mockingbirds, robins –

they surrounded her

and followed her,

singing, crying,

begging her to come away

with them – away

from this place

of death, of pain,

of destruction.

she wanted to follow them

but didn’t know how

to fly…

and a hand,

large, warm and callused,

held her there,

pushed her down

by the gravestones,

making her look –

she saw her own name.

she stared at the black

angry sky and prayed –

begged to be set free

from this nightmare

of whispers and danger…

suddenly, the sky cleared completely,

the sun shining down

directly on her –

the birds circling above,

encouraging her.

she shook off the hand

and ran to the top of the hill,

breathing heavily…

stop, lady – please come back

she heard the voice say,

but stop she didn’t,

she had to get away.

the sun followed her progress

lighting her way,

the birds kept on singing

keep going, she heard them say…

til finally apollo appeared

and held out his hand –

she jumped in his chariot

and flew away.


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