I heard him

In the rain –

Calling to me

A voice filled with pain


I tried to hide

To close my eyes

My ears

My mind

All to no avail


His voice was ragged

His breath, quite weak

Great effort it took

For him to speak

Of the lies

The shame

The ugly game

He played

With me


I’m sorry he sighed

Please know

That I tried

To be the man

You always said

I could be –


But my soul

Was too weak…

I daren’t seek

To be who I was

To me


Like Heathcliffe

The destroyer,

I was but a voyeur

Trying to live

My life

Through you…


The rain kept falling

His voice still calling

Asking me

To forgive


Down on my knees

I cried in the breeze

And answered his pleas:

I forgive you –

My murderer.



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