the soft clink of dishes
in the sink
was the only sound
aside from the
occasional rustle
of the newspaper

she smiled as she rinsed
the last dinner plate
and dried her hands
on the sides of her shirt –
a bad habit, she knew,
but one she found
impossible to break

sighing, she turned
toward the table,
was deflated to see
he was no longer there,
although his paper
remained open, crying
the news of the day

glancing to her right
she saw him and smiled
his back was to her
as he stared
out the front door
looking hard at the sky
hoping for a rainbow

finding instead
a beautiful sunset…
slowly – afraid to
disturb his peace,
yet somehow needing to
be near him,
to see for herself

what had brought out
his reclusive smile –
she approached the door
and peered around him.
he glanced down at her –
happily she noticed
he was still smiling –

was it possible his smile
was even a tiny bit wider? –
he nodded and silently
extended his arm,
enclosing her in his embrace,
including her in his world,
and pulled her close

she slid her smaller arm
behind his back, put
her head on his shoulder,
and smiled back at him –
shyly, but truly.
they stood together for some time
watching the sun disappear from the sky.





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  1. Beautiful…….

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