A Dream of Dancing

Yawning and rubbing my eyes sleepily

I was surprised to find

That I was in a forest,

Lying on a bed of pine needles –

Amazingly soft they were, too


I wasn’t afraid or confused at all

I seemed to know where I was

And why – so I settled back on my bed

And stared at the full moon

Smiling down at me from on high


I closed my eyes and listened –


I heard what I had been waiting for

And smiled

I rose to my feet, the smile remaining

And made to follow the sounds

I had heard


Laughter and fiddling music

Wafted gently to me through

The trees, leading me onward

The happiness I discerned ahead

Making me giggle a little


At last I saw what I had sought –


A faint yellow glow escaped from the edges

Of the door and from the windows –

Music and laughter,

The sound of feet dancing

Echoed from inside that place


Reluctant to disturb the happiness within

I stayed on the edge of the light

Enjoying the feel, the sounds

And the sight of the

Revelry going on inside


Through the windows

I caught glimpses of you

Whirling around and around

In time to the music, laughing,

Your eyes aglow with joy


Then the door opened –


You stepped out into the pool of light

Wearing a smile so large it was blinding –

You looked about curiously, and then you saw me

You held out your hand

And invited me in


I curtsied and grinned,

And accepted your hand

Though I was nervous I must admit –

But so excited to finally be

Where your heart was always free


So pleased to be allowed in.



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