Yellow Butterflies

my new best friend

and i

went for a walk –

we looked at the sky

and listened

for rocks that talk –


although I think

I was more interested in those

than she.


plants and bugs

were much more

to her liking

although she tolerated

my eccentricities

when we went hiking


perhaps it was the

flowers on my dress –

perhaps not…


but we found ourselves

surrounded by

a bevy of butterflies,

each one of them yellow

they lit on my dress,

scrambled onto her side.


she looked at me questioningly

and I just shrugged,

as perplexed as she


reluctant to lose

our colorful, gentle escort

we stopped to lie

down in the grass

and look up

at the clouds in the sky


until the butterflies moved on.

Me and My New Best Friend


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