i fell asleep
dreaming of you,

when suddenly
i found myself on the roof –
in my pale pink
flannel nightgown
and bare feet

i sat there
on the top of the world
gazing at more stars
than i had seen
in recent memory –

maybe once,
as a little girl
in the hills of virginia
i saw that many…

the stars smiled at me,
they whispered to me,
they winked,
they giggled

they were so close
there, on top of the world,
that i wondered if i could
touch them

i tried

i could

so i gathered them,
as many as the skirt
of my nightgown would hold,
to make of them a gift for you…

they were cold, really,
not at all what i expected
but their incandescent glow
reminded me of your smile

i slid down from the top of the world
and quietly slipped
into your room, shh-ing the stars as i went
so as not to wake you

once there,
i unfolded the skirt of my nightgown
and let the stars escape

they sighed and slipped away –
some to the ceiling,
some to the walls, and some
to the blankets surrounding you

a little smile played about your mouth
as one settled in your hair,
another on your pillow

pleased with myself
i sat on the floor by your bed
watching you sleep
and admiring my handiwork….

when i awoke,
in my own bed,
one cold tiny star still clung
to my nightgown.

i put it in a cloud shaped box
to treasure forever
as a reminder of you.


2 Responses to “Stars”

  1. gnsaville Says:

    Is a nice gentle work that barely speaks above a whisper and leaves a feeling of peace…

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