The Sun King

Drifting dreamily,
As if by magic,
I found myself in the bed of
the Sun King

His skin –
If ’twas skin at all –
Was so hot, it made me swoon,
almost ache to get away.

And yet…
The heat of his breath
Melted the ice from my
long frozen heart

The warmth
Of his hands relieved, at last,
The cold that had settled so
deeply in my bones.

The sound
Of his sighs – or were they
Whispered commands? –
sang songs to my soul,

Creating visions
Of dancing flower fairies,
Laughing streams, sunlit meadows,
and mist covered mountains.

The magician,
In the greatest feat ever performed
By man or God, had
saved me from myself.

Waking, alone,
I looked out the window
Only to see him mounting
his golden chariot…


2 Responses to “The Sun King”

  1. thank you, jingle! as always, it is so nice to hear from you!! rose

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