Howling and crying, endlessly, pleadingly, then an

author: crisscross992000 (photobucket)

Abrupt disruption of the force: the wolf went silent, and a
Primal, powerful, pain-filled oppression

Permeated her perforated, threadbare soul; her

Yesterdays the only days that now have any meaning.



Breached, broken, beaten and scarred by the

Inevitable end of the illusion, she is left

Remote, reclusive, restrained and afraid

To even think of what was, what could have been – she is

Hopeless, sleepless, heartsick and heavily dependent on

Drugs, dreams, duty and the ones who harmed her before he did; she

Advertises her shame and her pain incessantly, yet unintentionally…

You need only look into her empty eyes to know she is gone.



There is

Nothing left of her, nothing

At all.


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