Not a Jedi Yet


they’re back:
the pain
the tears
the voices –                                                              
“die” they say.

the inability
to sleep
to think
to breathe –
“die” i pray.

the need to quiet them is great
the desire to quiet them is huge
but the will to quiet them is fading
“why not die today?”

death is not truly sought,
or even really desired –
just a final relief
from what has transpired.

“don’t drink,” i tell myself,

“don’t take those pills –
ignore the razorblades –
and think of the love and the thrills –
that must await you somehow, somewhere…
and if you die now, you’ll never get there.

you’ve made it this long,
you must continue to try –
impressive, most impressive,
but you are not yet a jedi…”

so, shhh…be quiet
let’s not die today

“i refuse to join you, darth vader,
and the dark side you portray,”

shhh…be quiet
let’s send them away


3 Responses to “Not a Jedi Yet”

  1. Alexa Hansen Says:

    Roses are red, violets are blue
    Your poetry’s awful
    Believe me, it’s true

  2. so sorry you feel that way…

  3. oh, and, i believe you.

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