Little Lost Girl

Her eyes barely slits

Cigarette smoke burning them profusely

She sits at the computer

And stares at the empty screen


She stumbles through the alphabet

Looking for the words that will

Bring him back to her….


Make him say SOMETHING to her


But aside from every other reason he has

To ignore her, to shun her, to feel shamed by her –

Even maybe anger toward her?  —

She cannot find the right words




And the pain in her chest never abandons her

(At least she can always count on that, eh?)


Once she had felt so confident:

If only she could talk to him

It would make a difference.


Maybe that was true once,

But no longer.


So instead she will lose herself

In pills and alcohol tonight


Anything to blur the memories of what was


And the horror of what is


She almost hopes she never wakes up.


It’s never too late –


Until we are dead.


So ,maybe there a few minutes left after all….


Who knows?


I sure the fuck don’t.


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