Message From the Emperor

“Execute Order 66,” his horrible voice commanded me.

Once the order was given I had no choice,

And so I did as I was told.

My light sabre, flashing red, spun magically in my hands –

All my years of training with the Masters and the Sensai or two I’d known

Really paid off now.

Red for the dark side to which I am now

Required to bow.

Red for the copious amounts of blood

I will shed – in the name of peace –

In the mistaken belief

That I alone know what is best for  my people…

Never knowing how wrong I am, how twisted I have become

Until, perhaps, I look at the decimated lives and dreams

Of those I held so dear.

No thankfulness fills their eyes, no pride, no joy,

Just rivers of tears and incredible fear

Of their own young boy.

Their lives and dreams dashed by my

Worship of Executive Order 66.

A small cry escapes my lips:

What have I done?

I was the chosen one…

Ah but chosen for what?  Not the hero it seems –

Instead, I am the evil I always swore not to be…


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