Aw, Come On, Don’t Make Your Mom Cry!

Okay, people…It is Mother’s Day after all.  And for weeks now, the flower industry, the jewel robbers, and Hallmark (oh, and don’t forget the restaurant business!) have made it clear what it takes to make your sweet, loving mother happy on her Special Day.  So, there’s no excuse NOT to overextend yourself on her behalf!  I mean, come on, she suffered for months carrying you around and then totally provided for your every need when you couldn’t do anything for yourself.      

Right?  Right.                 

So, to keep your mom from crying today and feeling unloved, be sure to do the following:                      

1.  Greet her this morning with breakfast in bed.  (Don’t forget a single rose for the tray!)

2.  Give her a beautiful corsage for church – and go with her!

3.  Take her to a wonderful lunch at the most expensive restaurant in town – not McDonald’s, knucklehead!   (Use caution here.  Don’t hide it in her drink or her salad or she may swallow it and then you wouldn’t get the credit for your thoughtfulness!  Plus, a trip to the ER might ruin the day.)

4.  Surprise her at lunch with an exquisite piece of jewelry.

5.  Make sure that when you arrive home there is a huge bouquet of flowers waiting for her with at least three Mother’s Day cards expounding on all her wonderful qualities and your neverending love for her.  (And really, only use Hallmark, because I guarantee she’ll look on the back of the card, and if you don’t send Hallmark it means you didn’t care enough to send her the very best!)

6.  Oh and if all else fails, clean the house for her, hug her and tell her you love her.

If you follow my advice, the only tears your mom will cry today will be tears of joy! 

I guarantee it (said in a Cajun accent)!!

My Little Allie and Me

Mater and Mom - My Two Mothers


One Response to “Aw, Come On, Don’t Make Your Mom Cry!”

  1. Yahoo News…

    This is really good news today….

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