The Eagle’s Breakfast

the flashes of silver in the water

cooled the burning in my eyes

as the ocean’s fingers tickled my feet

making me giggle like a little girl

grains of sand scrambled

to find purchase between my fingers

my toes, and in my ears,

ladybugs flitted about and one landed

on my rose tattoo – they’re good luck, you know

The octopus and the monster

an octopus chased by a grinning monster         

danced lazily above me                                           

as an eagle dipped and swayed

waiting to claim the race’s defeated

for his morning meal

i watched, entranced, as life moved around me

then, there appeared a ghost,

walking out of the ocean toward me,

blazing blue eyes devouring me,

a crooked smile inviting me

to join him for a swim, hand extended invitingly…

i smiled back, my hand out

suddenly the sun blinded me and i blinked –

the ghost was gone

and all that remained was the eagle devouring his breakfast.

Once the ghost was gone...


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