Her Response to “The Shadow King”

At the same time I sent her the “Twin Souls of Discontent” whine-fest, I sent her “The Shadow King” and asked her what she thought it meant, since it had appeared to me as a vision of sorts…This is the reply she sent…

Each of us have a secret or private place we go, with or without a Shadow King, where, when we have truly had enough of our own pain (self- inflicted or from external forces) we escape to.

There is where we meet our true selves, the only one who can really make executive and final decisions that have life-altering effects.  I feel that we consult, weigh and measure our options then magically we put the plan into action.

You want to let go………. you seem to realize he was able to somehow. You envy that ability at this time because you have been powerless for a while –  ever since he gave you super powers then unplugged them like an annoying alarm clock. (You are the alarm clock that was trying to wake him up.)  It seems like the higher self more than a separate entity.

You may see this as a shared desire between the two of you. “If we can’t have anything else let’s both let go ……..at least that would be something we could both do and agree on simultaneously.”

Another possible meaning: perhaps he did have to undergo some ceremonial parting spell (or thought process) to wash away his guilt and shame for having perpetrated this horrendous crime against you (someone he claimed to love).

And to live, he must have to sacrifice his true self in exchange for the unhappy man who is made entirely of lies.

A madman, an evil, twisted liar that will perish in the very dark empty shadow of his enormous lifetime of lying.



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