“Strictly Ballroom” Quote

I went to watch one of my students perform in a ballroom dancing showcase  Saturday night.  She looked lovely and was surprisingly light on her feet.  It pleased me to no end that she invited me, that it meant so much to her when I actually showed up.  I will post a picture of her in my photos section in the next few days.  I took a few and made several videos…The point is that when I got home, I pulled out a movie I had really and truly enjoyed called “Strictly Ballroom”.  I’m not a huge dance fan but I enjoyed the story and the whole underdog thing, as well as the twisted Australian humor.  There was one line in that movie that resonated deeply within me, and I used it many times as a signature line…I hadn’t thought of it recently – until Saturday night – and I decided it was a good thought to share.  So, here it is…


That’s all.  I’m out.


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