No, Really, the Fun NEVER Ends!

So today I bought a washing machine.  The one here has not worked properly since I moved in.  I went and bought a decent, refurbished machine.  I was soooo excited!  My mom picked it up for me in my step-dad’s truck – it wouldn’t fit in the Jeep.  We got it here, a nice gentleman helped us take it from the truck and hook it up, all seemed well.  I was set to do laundry all night!  (Not really, but I was looking forward to a machine that actually works!)  Mom and I started a load of clothes and came back in the house.   The machine appeared to be working fine. Then I went out to the garage to check on it and to put the clothes in the dryer….What do you think I found?  A washer still full of water that will enter the spin cycle at all…WTF?  Plus it smelled like it was burning up!  I think I must be washer, car, and love-life cursed!!! 

Luckily, the washer has a warranty so I will call the appliance store first thing in the morning, but, geez, c’mon, hasn’t enough gone wrong lately?????? 

Apparently not.

I watched Halloween II.  It was creepy.



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