Somehow it seems the fun never ends…

1.  Actual Fun:  I got a new (well, new to me) vehicle this week.  It’s a 2000 Jeep.  It’s dark green (just bout British Racing Green, which used to be one of my favorite colors).  Bonus:  It was free!  My dad and step-mom gave it to me!  How cool is that?  And it was extremely providential as my Lincoln was not running well at all.  So, now I have a Jeep again, and that’s pretty cool and fun.

2.  Not Actual Fun:  The aforementioned Lincoln needs $2500 work before it will pass inspection, even.  There is so much wrong with the front end that it is not safe to drive.  It makes having the Jeep an even better, even more providential than it seemed.  A good thing, though, is that I think my mom and step-dad are going to fix it and we will give it to my sister!  It’s a great car!  I like the idea of my sister having a comfortable, well-running, family car, so that makes this, I guess, a little bit fun.

3.  Absoulutely Not Fun:  For two days now my neck has been killing me – on the left.  My neck muscles have frozen up.  The doctor prescribed Valium, which usually works really well for muscle spasms, but even taking 10 mgs. is barely touching it.  I had to go to the store and buy a cervical collar this morning.  Later tonight, I was feeling sorry for myself, so I drove – slowly and carefully, up to the mall area and got some chinese food and a couple of movies.  Halloween II (the new Rob Zombie version) and Public Enemies.  I wanted to see it when it was in theatres but never got to.  So I suppose I  will watch one of them now…

I suppose that is all for now.

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