Oh Wait, I Forgot!


One more story to relate from my date with the psychiatrist…it’s too ironic not to share…

So I’m talking to the doctor about my desire to take this trip.  She asked me where, exactly, I want to go.  I named the city and state.  She looked shocked.  I looked at her curiously.

Wait for it….her husband is from a town fifteen miles from where I want to go. 

But wait, there’s more:  not only is he from there, he refuses to eat any barbecue sauce other than that from the restaurant in which my ex-loved one’s wife worked. HUH?  He has it shipped to him, has two gallons of it in his cabinet now. 

What are the chances?? 

I mean, really.  In a town of thousands of psychiatrists, I pick the one who is married to a man from THERE who is still tied to THERE?  How the fuck does that happen??

See, even when I try to leave it alone, it finds ME.



2 Responses to “Oh Wait, I Forgot!”

  1. That is indeed an ironic coincedence….

  2. ah, catsman, do you believe in coincidences? i don’t. but i cannot fathom the universal meaning to this latest development. thanks for getting the irony, though! i appreciate it. rose

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