Better Living Through Chemistry




lorazepam –

a cocktail

that stops me


all that

i am.







and vitamin B –

yipee and hooray

for better living




rlb/march 2010


5 Responses to “Better Living Through Chemistry”

  1. WOA!!! Thats amazing! Hows your liver? Any chance you can stop taking medicine? I mean if youre stranded in a desert island with nothing but food and water will you kill yourself because youve got no meds?

  2. dude, make up your mind!! 🙂 you say i should get help, i do, and then you’re like: do you need all those meds?? 🙂 the first group of meds are to help me through the depression i have been unable to shake the lithium to reduce suicidality…the others well, the vitamins are a good thing. atenolol i have taken for many years because my heart sloly accelerated over a period of time to where it was beating 122 times a minute at rest. the atenolol keeps my heart rate where it should be. glucophage is for my extremely borderline diabetes, tricor to keep my cholesterol in line. my liver is actually quite, quite fine, as are my kidneys. oh and the symbacort and xopenex are for occasional use. so… the first group of meds are relatively new to me. and if i was on a desert island with only food and water…i don’t know. i could possibly manage if i at least had my atenolol. nothing can fix that issue with my heart. but then i don’t know. maybe i would kill myself. i can’t answer that, george. that’s why i sought help. sorry to disappoint.

  3. hahaha, sorry for the bipolarness. And you never dissapoint. Its just that all those meds. Well im a bit paranoid with the whole medical stablishment, i have this conspiracy theory that they just want to hook us on medications we may not really need. Ofcourse the heart and BP medicines are necesary i just wondered all the time if sometimes they give us medicines just to mask and not solve issues. I had a sciatic episode a year ago. The doc perscribed taffil and zoboroboeoruorueor something. These are pretty harsh drugs. I took the muscle relaxant injection straight to the back and started doing pullups as soon as i could start moving, never had a problem since. I still have to do them tho. I dont kno i just feel docs really guess a lot.

    You never dissapoint, you rock.

    On a similar note i may not survive in a dessert island without KFC crack laced chicken… those bastards

    Have a super duper day!

  4. And dont kill yourself, life will take care of that for all of us at one point.

  5. i’m not going to kill myself, george. promise. thanks for saying i don’t disappoint. means a lot.

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