The Sleestak are Coming!

the sounds  of the sea

roll over me, but  

the squiggles and squaims,

the flinkers and games –

are all so confusing to me


what is up?  what is down?

crying faces dispensing frowns

jabberwocky, jabberwocky,


witchiepoo, lidsville,

captain caveman and

thundarr the barbarian —

look out!  the sleestak are coming!

mr. flibble is very cross and cries out,



nothing makes sense

to a mind unable to rest

a mind hoplelessly trapped

in a bottle — ha ha ha

mind bottling, ain’t it?


a strange thing happens

when you find out you

truly are mentally ill…


joxer, the mighty, he’s very tidy –

you are not a jedi yet –

dem bones, dem bones –

didn’t that blow your mind? 

THAT just happened!


or did it? 


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