Humpty Dumpty


                        i was peeling the eggs,

hard-boiled they were –

and hard-talking, too…

they laughed at me, saying,

“we had to get away from you”

they snickered, whispering.

“we don’t love you”

they cried out,

“leave us alone”

they whined endlessly – so

i smashed them

silencing their plaintive cries

as i threw their skins away –

laughing as i chopped them to bits

remembering the high-pitched cries of

the fly caught in the spider web

help me…help me.

i hated that fucking fly

like i hated those eggs

but i hated me most of all

for allowing them

turn me into humpty dumpty.



4 Responses to “Humpty Dumpty”

  1. Wao. I like it a lot rose.

  2. thanks, george!! i was kinda pleased with it, too! hope you are having a great night!! rose

  3. wow,
    what fun post!

  4. thank you, jinlge!!

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