Is It Possible?

Is it even possible that it’s true?  Is my life really just a badly written Lifetime movie??  That sucks.   It’s not an interesting independent film or an exciting foreign one…just a worse than average Lifetime movie.  How depressing. 


3 Responses to “Is It Possible?”

  1. Lifetime? yuck. So much drama. Make your life like scrubs. Or like cheers. Or like third rock from the sun. That was a great STRANGE show. Anyhow i hope all is well.

  2. third rock?? hmmmm. all i have to do is be from another planet and find some fellow aliens over whom i can reign supreme – because of course i’d have to be the commander! you’re funny george!! i lived cheers for a while it was ok. scrubs is hard cuz i’m not that funny nor is anyone in my immediate vacinity. hmmmm…can you think of a good teacher show???

  3. Teacher show… I can think of a couple of teacher movies. WAIT XMEN. Theres a school there… and harry pothead, theres a school there too. There is parker lewis i guess, and maybe the golden years, but theyre student oriented…Maybe you should write a screen play for the one teacher movie that hasnt been made. The one with no closure in some stories and some happy and not so happy ending…Youd make bazzillions.

    I loved cheers.

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