Maybe I do have an answer after all, George!!

I was in the kitchen this afternoon making a few things to get my son and I through the week.  I was making chicken and cheese enchiladas – somehow a huge hit with us for the past couple of months – fresh salad, and my son’s absolute favorite chicken salad – chicken, green onion, celery, mayo, lemon juice and grapes.  I think it is the grapes that make the chicken salad so good; they add a counterpoint to the salty-ish taste of everything else.  Anyway, while I was cutting and cooking and mixing, I was watching one of my favorite movies of all time, The Warriors.  It came out in 1979 and I must have seen it in the theatres fifty times – they showed it each weekend at midnight for only $1.  This was back in the days before vcrs and dvd players.  I took a tape recorder in with me and recorded the audio so I could listen to it over and over – and when the days of home vcrs finally did arrive, it was the first movie I copied for myself. 

If you’ve never seen it, you should.  It’s about a gang that goes to a huge conclave meeting and then has to fight their way back home because everyone thinks they killed the leader of the biggest gang in New York.  Classic late 70s clothing, dialogue, attitude.  I still love this movie.  Of course, the Warriors gang is the underdog of the movie and they did not kill Cyrus, but they’ve no way to prove it.  When they finally meet up with the gang that DID kill Cyrus (the Rogues, led by a really creepy character named Luther), the leader asks Luther why he did it, why he wasted Cyrus.

Luther’s answer:  No reason.  I just like doing things like that.

That saying has remained very poplular in my family, has become embedded in our lexicon of love, as I call it.  We all say it….so, you asked why I cut.  My answer, a la Luther:

No reason – I just like doing things like that!!


Here’s a youtube link so you can seeand hear that great scene…gotta love it!! (Ignore the subtitles)


One Response to “Maybe I do have an answer after all, George!!”

  1. Well ive never seen the film but that is possibly the best answer ever.

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