Valiant Valium’s Victory

This is a poem I wrote that a friend encouraged me to submit for publicaiton.  I was surpirsed when it was chosen for inclusion in a chapbook….I love alliteration and was just playing around when I wrote it….

The sleepy sun sets                                        

And the lonely little lady                                              

Reaches for the brown bottle by her bed.

The hallowed yellow mini-pills

Call calmly and clearly to her

Saying, someday you’ll be better.

A nagging, noisy need

Fills her frozen, fragile heart.

Luckily the valiant valium vanquishes

The scurrilous, screeching sound

Allowing her to happily hide in silence.


Have you ever taken valium?  The famed “mother’s little helper” from the old Rolling Stones song?  It’s a wonderful drug; really allows the muscles to relax so you can rest.  From years of being tense I lost the lordotic curve in my spine and had to do traction at home…I couldn’t sleep lying down, had to sleep in a half-sitting position.  Valium was the only medicine that would release my neck muscles enough for me to sleep…I miss valium sometimes.  Ativan is nice, but it’s not quite the same.  No, not at all.  Sure wish I had some valium…




3 Responses to “Valiant Valium’s Victory”

  1. Wao… pretty harsh. The one time i took valium was for a new years road trip. I was drinking bloody caesars and ended up in the casino. That was also the last time i had a road trip or had valium again. Mainly because i looked up online. I have a friend who bit his nails to the bone trying to quit tafil. These drungs shold be illegal. As well as alchohol and any substance that impares judgment in any way. I did love to smoke weed. But that too impares judgment gravely. Now days i have 10 beers and get a migrane.

  2. if they made alcohol illegal you couldn’t drink beer, could you?? i think certain drugs have their place when used appropriately…i keep thinking i want to get a tattoo that reads “better living through chemistry”. what do you think? would that be good? 🙂

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