Best Valentine’s Day Song EVER!

I considered writing a piece about Valentine’s Day, perhaps a bit cheery, when I realized I just don’t have it in me.  And besides, the words have been said (or, rather, sung) so much better than I could ever do.  So I have decided to share my favorite love song with you in honor of this most auspicious holiday.

The video would not embed and play (as I have not purchased the video upgrade yet), so please, please click on the link and enjoy.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!


4 Responses to “Best Valentine’s Day Song EVER!”

  1. HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA i totally know where those feelings come from. Ive felt like that one too many times.

    • i love that song, george – especially when he sings “and when i think of you (insert your name of choice), i hope you fucking choke!” thought you might appreciate this one!!

      • See i dont really hate my ex, i left her. My bad feelings for her are because i feel she had a chance and blew it and im pissed at me for not having the balls to tell her sooner how hopeless the situation really was, because i was affraid of hurting her feelings. Im serious, relationships are like juggling broken bottles, no way not to get cut.

        Ive had a wonderfull drama free valentines. Went out fishing.

      • so glad it was drama-free. i took my mom and step-dad their favorite ribs for lunch. they sent me white chocolate covered strawberries. yum. i spent a good part of the day with one of my former students. she went with me to mom’s. i heard from a few friends and watched a good movie. so, pretty drama-free on this end, too…overall. talk soon!

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