Help Me, Bozo

Songs sing their lies as the

Doves cry their sighs


Love goes away leaving only                                                                         

Elusive traces of yesterday


Binding the heart in jaded chains

Ensuring no escape from the agony and pain


Of broken hearts                                                                                                           

And broken dreams


The echoes of silence

Resound in my brain


Repeating, revolving

Again and again


No hope for the faithful

No salvation for the shamed


No one to liberate the

Defective, the lame


Help me, Bozo, I cry

Again and again


The only reply

An oft heard refrain:


Help yourself.


5 Responses to “Help Me, Bozo”

  1. Nice!!! this is really good, i like it!

  2. thank you, george, for being my only fan!! glad you liked this.

  3. my initial stop by here and decided that I really should tell you that I believe you now have the Outstanding website

  4. Now that one IS good !

  5. thank you so much!

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