Don’t Eat at a Mongolian Barbeque…

Just don’t do it – especially if you are allergic to iodine like that found in shellfish. 

Yesterday, I went to a training class with a fellow teacher.  He and I had gone to day one of the training, too, and had lunch at Panera.  It was great and I was looking forward to going there again.  Chris, however, wanted to eat at a local Mongolian Barbeque restaurant.  Never having been to one, I said okay.

Something I ate apparently came into contact with some sort of shellfish that had been cooked on the griddle earlier.  On the way back to school my face became totally numb, as did my tongue.  I panicked a little, I admit.  I stopped at a grocery store near my school and bought some Benadryl, then continued on to school.  My breathing wasn’t compromised it seemed – no throat closing, etc. – but I was dizzy and a bit disoriented. 

I stopped in the clinic and they called down my inclusion partner, Melissa, to take me home.  The nurse wanted me to go to the ER.  We considered it, but decided there was really no reason to do so since my breathing was fine, my pulse oxygen was 98, my blood pressure and heart rate were fine.

So, I went home and took more Benadryl.  Later in the afternoon the school nurse called and said that my principal was really angry at me for not going to the ER so she wanted me to know that the prinicipal had decreed that I could not return to school until I had gone to the doctor and she had given me a note saying I was fit to return to work…WTF?

I felt a bit better this morning and went to the doctor to get my note.  That visit cost $50 since it is the beginning of a new year and my deductible restarts now.  I was soooo annoyed!

Anyhow, I am fine now.  Just tired.

Take my advice:  don’t eat at a Mongolian Barbecue if you are allergic to shellfish.  Just don’t do it.


2 Responses to “Don’t Eat at a Mongolian Barbeque…”

  1. You poor thing! Im a little alergic to those ocean going bastards myself. I say little because i only get numb tounge. Nature has given me a weanpon tho. I cant stand the sight of shrimp, crab or…. or…. lobster (Nauseus facial twitch) When at the tropical island retreat i was the only one having chicken nuggets,… hang in there…. they just smell so gross.

  2. luckily i was not a big seafood fan before i developed the allergy, so it was no great loss. my face and tongue were numb and that is what usually happens. once, though, when i had a CT Scan and i developed the allergy, i nearly died. it can be a scary thing, huh? and i agree, they do smell so gross!!

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