More Random Pictures…

My Best Friend Lately: The Angel of Grief

One of My Faves: "The Accolade" by Edmund Blair Leighton

Me - Around My High School Graduation

One of My Fave German Castles: Hohenzollern

Me and "Gene Simmons" (My friend Charley before his death in 2000)

My Inclusion Parnter, Melissa, and Me at School for Halloween - I'm the Witch, She's my Black Cat Familiar

New Hair Color a Couple of Months Ago...

Me at Five or Six

When I Was About Eleven - in the "secret room" at our house

A Bigger, Clearer Version of My Fave Picture of Myself

My Tattoo the Night I Got It - In Color (Duh!)

My Tattoo the Night I Got It - Sepia (Aug. 2009)


2 Responses to “More Random Pictures…”

  1. Wao how nice! i do like the hair color its super cool. I really like the snow photo. And the witch photo. Theyre are all nice photos. Im glad youre ok rose, i figured that had just happened. Take care and be well my pretty friend!

  2. glad you liked them and i really do appreciate how worried/concerned you are/were. i wrote it the night after it happened and sometimes when i read it i can still feel the whole thing. blech! hate that. but, i got some assistance and i am okay now. you take care, too, peorge, and be of good cheer. you are a good person!!

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