A Poem For a Friend…

I’m quiet, he says, but

Truly he is not.

He is as loud as a snowstorm,

As bright as the sun –

His words more than whispers

He is equalled by none  – when

He speaks we all listen, our souls enrapt

In the magic he sings us –

His tune forever trapped

In our hearts.


3 Responses to “A Poem For a Friend…”

  1. Wonderful. Feels like something that should be sung in greek with a lire on some sort of summer festival by some soft voiced maiden. Really nice rose.

    • thank you george (i know, i know, i keep going back and forth with the name. you never should have given me a choice!) for the decidedly greek mythology flavored compliment. 🙂 seriously, i really have appreciated your kindness…especially today. you’re a good friend.

      • I think its cool you go back and forth because my name is george but my alter virtual me is peter. So i am both and you may use any combination. Even peorge. Yeah my next compliments will be on decision making. The lectures are so amazing. Ill write about it later. Have a great evening Rose and like jessy jackson says KEEPA HOPA LAIV.

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