The Iron Door Leaves Its Mark

You know, you are an ass.                     

Even though it’s less than two days

From being a year ago that we first reconnected,

And it has been nearly as long

Since you last spoke to me

As it was that you actually spoke to me,

You still manage to wreak havoc,

Cause damage, crush dreams,

Bring pain.

Did you know you are that powerful?

You hurt me quite a bit.

You damaged my son.

You’ve mangaged, somehow, to bring my sister

To her knees as well.  Have you any idea

Of the decimation of souls for which

You are at least partially responsible?

Do you ever think about that?

On this end, no one would quarrel with your right

To make the decision you made…but to

Close the iron door on all of us –

With no preparation, no hint of an after care program

For those left behind?  You were wrong

No matter what your reasons, there is no excuse

For such bad manners, such cruelty,

Such incomprehensible insensitivity.

Especially when you knew, without a doubt,

That closing the iron door like that was the worst

Possible thing you could do to me – to us.

You knew, always, that disappearing in that manner

Would exacerbate every feeling of self-hatred

And worthlessness.

And now, my sister cries and pines for her brother –

For the sister so destroyed, the nephew so confused.

She cannot understand how you, like her father,

Could just…POOF! Act like we never existed,

Throw us out with yesterday’s trash –

And go on your merry way with no thought

Of her.  Or me.  Or Alex.

With only thoughts of yourself.

She / We thought you were different.

You swore you were.

You were wrong to do it this way –

Especially since, like always,

YOU started it all –

YOU opened the iron door you had closed

Sixteen years before.

Yes, like always, YOU start it, then

Leave me to deal with the aftermath.

Oh, what difference does it make?

I just cried with my sister and said,

“Hey – welcome to the Land of the Lost* –

Where are you Cha-Ka?”


But there was no response.


* Land of the Lost – 1974 tv show;  Cha-Ka is one of the characters.


4 Responses to “The Iron Door Leaves Its Mark”

  1. Huge hugs and bestest vibes to you and yours. Hang in there guys.

    • thank you, my friend! we will be fine, i am sure. we’ve just hit a rough patch and i felt the need to rant a bit about it. but then, you understand rants, right?? have a great weekend. i’m going to get on here later and read some of your new posts!! 🙂

      • Well im sorry to hear that, on the good side (if you want to see it half full) youre rants of pain make for some very wonderful poetry. Such truth, such depth, so much emotion. Its like you need a big hug and some chocolate and someone to tell you it will be ok. I cant wait for you to get over this wall so we can get to read your poems about happy things. I for one will be waiting for one. Still this is really good. Have a super duper great lottery winning skip in youw walking sunshine in your cloudy weekend!

  2. what a lovely comment! thank you!! i agree with you that it has helped me write – whether the work is good or not is not mfor me to judge, but i appreciate you looking for the silver lining of my dark cloud! and maybe i am a bit leery of letting go of the pain for fear of losing my great writing topic. but then, perhaps you are correct and it would be nice to write about happy things!! 🙂 and i really love your wish for my weekend! i hope your wish is granted and i hope you get cooled off and get a bit more sleep (minus the nat geo fever dreams!!). take care. rlb

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