Hellstarr – The Past

I remember an October night                                                         

On the golf course with you

We laid on our backs and stared at the sky

You told me of our home

Where we’d come from and why

We were fated to be…

You held my hand so tight

As we talked through that night

Then you kissed me and I kissed you back.

Your hands slid to my shorts

And I gasped out your name

“I love you, Lady,” you whispered…

Breathless, I could not reply.

You pulled off my shorts and my

Pale yellow panties – I shivered,

I trembled, this was all so new

To me – but you knew what to do,

And again you staked your claim on my soul.

You slid down my body,

Dropping kisses as you went,

Murmuring something about peaches

And the wonderful scent of me.

My hands found your hair as

I gasped, repeatedly, for air

Your tongue touched my thigh and

Your name escaped me on a sigh

Then your mouth’s focus changed –

I shuddered, I cried and I came,

This time nearly screaming

Your name.

You looked up at me,

As proud as could be –

With that wolfish smile I adore.

I smiled back at you, said

“I love you, too”, and then

Fell back, staring up at our home.




2 Responses to “Hellstarr – The Past”

  1. Woa, this was amzing. It leaped out of the computer and slapped me in the face. Nice! Thanks for sharing your talent.

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