deep black and blue

i dream of you –

the scars my only



no more will i cut

i’ve promised, but

the thought of the doing

lives on


your face i still see

and my heart’s so lonely

i don’t quite know how

to forget


pressing the lines

on my arms, like vines,

makes me feel oddly

closer to you


guitars, ankhs, and drums,

wedding rings, rings on thumbs –

i’ve weighted myself down

with you


the charms and their chains

ring my neck, just the same

as your strange collars, the

twins of intent


the scars on my arms

and those from my charms

will eventually fade



but the scars on my heart

will  remain.


2 Responses to “Scars”

  1. Wao, harsh but fantastic. So honest and full of pain. Thanks for sharing.

    • i’m not so sure i deserve any “thanks” for spreading my depression, but i truly appreciate your kind words and your continued support!! you’re pretty cool yourself.

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