Thanks Again, Michael

After the scissors thing, I took another pill

I needed to sleep, was hoping to dream…

As my eyes began to close I tried to see you –

You know, the way we used to do,

At 1230 – halfway between your midnight and mine.

In recent months when I have tried

You have turned your back to me, refusing

Me even one glance of the beautiful, crooked smile

That breaks my heart.

This time, though, you faced me full on.

I didn’t recognize the house but I knew the computer.

You smiled at me – hesitantly at first, then brilliantly.

My heart lurched – then I was annoyed.

“Oh, so now you’ll look at me, huh?” I muttered.

You nodded and continued to smile.

“Well, go the fuck away,” I croaked,

And closed my inner eye and drifted off.

At some point, later, you were here

In my room, sitting on the edge of my bed.

Oddly I wasn’t even really surprised,

I just stared at you.

You smoothed my hair back from my eyes

You whispered to me

You tickled my back.

I couldn’t really hear what you said, you spoke so softly.

I heard my name a few times and other than that,

The only other clear words were

Petaowehankeshni – and

Toska ake wacinyanktin ktelo.

Did you mean that last line?

At last I slept.

Thank you.


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