Please Use Your Inside Voice

I can hear you, Michael…                                                                                                                                                                                              

You are sooooo loud today

Was it that you weren’t comfortable with living?

I mean,

If you’re a liar

And your life is a lie, and

Then you end up with someone 

Who can make it true, maybe

You can’t handle it because

You are so stuck in your lying-lie-face world…

You become confused, then,

Because you no longer know

What is true

And what is the lie…

So you do nothing except continue

To torture those around you

To whom you have always lied.

I wanted to help you

Did everything I could possibly

Do to help you want to live:

Stay there, come here,

Teach, repair things,

Run about with your hair on fire.

Your choice.

You said you were – and had been for so long – unhappy,

Miserable, dejected, depressed, suicidal, even.

I happily accepted the responsibility

For you,

For them,

For us.

Are you unhappy now?

I love you with all that I am

But I can’t fix any of this for you –

You won’t let me…

And you won’t fix it yourself, either.

How do you go on?

How do you live with all the lies –

Not just to me, but to those you hold most dear?

Please use your inside voice.

The pain rolling off of you

And onto me

Is crippling.

I love you enough to respect your wishes,

Love you enough to let you make mistakes.

I am here if you want me, Michael.

All you have to do is reach out.

Nothing has changed that…

Nothing  can, apparently.

But as Joe Walsh once said…

“You bought it, you name it.”


4 Responses to “Please Use Your Inside Voice”

  1. thanks,

    awesome poems as always…


  2. you are too kind, jingle!!

  3. you write poems,
    I do poems too,

    check it out on top of my blog saying poetry,
    or About YOU,

    thank you for the sweet visit.

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