Home of my Soul

For some time now

i have been unable to dream


of the place where my soul dwells


occasionally i float

in that direction, but then

an iron portcullis

bars my way and returns me



last night – and on saturday –

i dreamed once again

of my heart

my soul

the place where it is free


a burning need

to stand in those shadows again

has filled me

since then


unable to dream

myself there

whenever i wish

has made me decide

i will take myself there

once again –

face down the iron gate

that holds me here


back to the lake,

the spring,

the plains and the fields

of sweet william…

the whisper of the wind

in the lonely oak trees…

and the gift of the ancestors – 

my once lost ring


no longer can i

ignore my heart’s pull –

so back to my soul’s home

i will go…


when spring finally comes


2 Responses to “Home of my Soul”

  1. beautiful,
    loved it.

    • thank you. i thought it a bit disjointed – in a stylistic way – but it is truly how i feel. thank you, again, for taking the time to even read anything i have written!! rose

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