A Good Samaritan Shows Up

One of the distinct disadvantages to being single is having to change your own tires when they go flat.  I’ve been having issues with one of the tires on my car for some time.  A friend keeps promising me he has new tires for the car and will bring them over, but I am thinking that’s a pipe dream.  While waiting for the magic tires to appear I just kept putting air in the tire that was going low — it had got to a need to fill it every other day. 

I’ve been sick for a while now and had to go out for some water and juice – and cigarettes.  The tire looked low so I went to WaWa (the air is free there!).  I pulled up to the air pump.  It was about seven p.m., dark as could be, and about thirty-five degrees and windy.  I was cold.  I turned on the pump and attached the nozzle to my tire, and waited.  And waited.  The tire would not inflate.  I could not believe it…Wait, yes I could, given the way things have gone the past few months, I am surprised it wasn’t raining or sleeting when this happened and that i wasn’t stuck on the side of some dangerous road – so I suppose there are things to be thankful for.

I opened the trunk, took out the spare and took it to the air pump to insure that it was properly inflated.  It wasn’t.  I remedied that then got out the jack.  It took me a bit to find the non-plastic section of the underside of the car so the jack could be placed properly – I hate modern cars!  Give me an old Chevy any day — or my favorite car I ever owned:  a 1965 Ford Galaxie 500 convertible.  That car was a monster but I loved it!

After I placed the jack I loosened the lugnuts on the tires a bit and then started turning the squiggly jack handle (oh for the days of the old stick jacks, they were so much easier).  I turned and I turned.  My fever was burning me up so I took off my coat.  About halfway up I started crying.  I didn’t mean to but I felt so tired and weak and cold and angry.  It made me realize maybe part of the reason I stayed with an old boyfriend so long, despite how horribly he treated me was because I could at least always count on him in a situation such as this.  Selfish, I am sure, but rest easy, he got more than enough in return from me.

So I’m sitting there crying and turning the squiggly handle, scraping my hand on the ground several times, when headlights nearly blind me.  I was on the edge of a very busy parking lot but no one had approached me – until now.  A very nice gentleman, the good samaritan of the title, pulled up and asked if he could help me.

I sniffled and replied, “Yes, sir, it would be wonderful if you did!”

He came to my car and took right over.  I explained that I had loosened the lugnuts and filled the spare.  He seemed pleased that I had done those things and said,

“Sounds like you’ve changed a tire or two, young lady.”

“Yes, sir.  Several times and it is no fun! I really can’t thank you enough for helping me!”

He laughed and said, “Well, you know, I have a daughter who is twenty-one, and I sure hope that someone would help her if she was having some trouble, so don’t you worry about it none, dear.  My wife’s over to Harris Teeter’s and I was getting some gas while she shopped.  Saw you working hard over here and thought I’d help if I could.”

By now the old tire was off and I was rolling the spare over to him, helping to hold it in place while he began to tighten the lugnuts.

“Well, sir, my dad would be very happy to know that you helped me, and I shall be sure to tell him.”

“You do that, honey.”

He shook the tire, to make sure it was on properly, I guess,  then put the old tire in the trunk.

“There you go, young lady.  Now, that’s not a tire to ride around on forever!  But it will get you home.”

I thanked him again and we shook hands.  He waved as he got in his truck to go pick up his wife.

I guess chivalry isn’t dead after all….at least not at Christmas-time.  I feel lucky to have run into a gentleman tonight.

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