“You’re pretty smart, aren’t you, Ella??  But it’s your fault.  You left him alone! You went to that meeting!  And there was a moon out tonight…and now he’s mine!  He’s mine!!”

Have you ever seen “Three Cheers for Miss Bishop”?  She’s a teacher and is going to marry Del.  She is so happy so in love.  Her sister, Amy, snatches him away from her one night – when there is a bright moon.  Ella just keeps teaching in her small midwestern town.

Then Amy returns home, pregnant, saying that Del ababndoned her because he never loved her, only loved Ella…Of course, Amy dies — the wicked always get their comeuppance, don’t they? — and Ella raises the child she has named Hope.  She just teaches and raises the daughter of the love of her life…Somehow it felt very familiar on many levels…Always waiting…And always waiting off to the side is Sam.  He has always loved her but watches as the years go by and Ella gets hurt again. 

A quote in the movie I like:  The life of every man is a diary in which he means to write one story but writes another…

Not sure why I felt the need to write about this movie, but…


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