You Wonder…

Magritte-The_False_Mirrorwhy you can’t feel anything at all anymore?  You really don’t know?  Look in the mirror, my friend.  Look hard.  Look deeply into your eyes.  What do you see? 

You can feel nothing anymore because you are a martyr to your self-pity.  You will continue to walk the path of self-hatred and self- flagellation that you set out upon all those years ago…

You have betrayed everyone who ever cared about you?  That is true, you have, but are you even aware of what it is that you have done to betray them, hurt them, disappoint them?  No?  Well, allow me to enlighten you.  You have laid waste to all of those you were given to protect and love by doing one thing:  YOU BETRAYED YOURSELF.  You have never been true to anyone because you have lied to yourself most of all.  Then you blame all of us when you are unhappy.  Physician, heal thyself.

You once said I was your salvation.  You were right – because only I understand you and care enough about you to push you to have/be whatever it is you want (even when that hasn’t meant me – as has always been the case, apparently), to be the best man you can be…Yes, I was your salvation, but like a good little heathen you have refused to step into the light.  Despite your protestations to the contrary, you apparently prefer the company of shadows.

Enjoy hell.


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