Promises, Promises

Mr. MoonAs she dreamed, his

words flowed through

her mind, some

accompanied by images

of happy times, others

just the words, as if

they were written

on the night sky

by God’s finger

in sparkling silver star dust.

I won’t leave you again,

I promise –

I can’t.  It’s you and me

until the end.

Those words streamed

by in a whisper with his lips

against hers.

No more time for lies,

baby girl.

You are the one

love of my life.  Will

you marry me?

Again kisses, this time

on her neck.

Without you I might as well

put a gun to my head

because I am done.

These words tearfully sworn.

You belong to me! screamed

at her as he pounded

into her again and again

demanding her submission, which

she willingly gave.

Be content.  I am coming soon.

We will hold and

love each other for the

rest of our lives –




Ah… those were the words

written across the inky

black sky

in achingly beautiful

silver letters.

She looked up at the Heavens

and smiled, her heart

bursting with love,

trust and joy…

Until Mr. Moon

showed his face and,

with a smile and a wink,

he took a deep breath and blew the words



2 Responses to “Promises, Promises”

  1. Heaven Says:

    R L Burns, I would like to talk with you. Please write to me:

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